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Recently, a lot of men stopped to use useless instruments and surgery for support of potency, which in their turn change the structure of penis forever. To save your penis healthy, just buy Cialis.

What is Cialis?

Cialis is modern drug from group medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction. There were a lot of medical researches connected with pharmacologic properties of this remedy, on base of which it was proved that Cialis is one of the best drug that can make man happier, saving his abilities to lead normal sexual life. International name of Cialis and main active component is Tadalafil. Patent of production belongs to Eli lilly Company and expiration date doesn't finish. Despite that, productions of pharmacists and scientists of Eli lilly Company use in production Cialis analogs - Generic. Nowadays, different pharmaceutical companies all over the world produce more than 10 Generics of Cialis, which are sold under different names, but don't differ at all from famous brand. Contain and pharmacological actions of Cialis Generics are identical to Cialis brand. Sometimes, difference can be manifested by medical form, individual supplements to main substance Tadalafil, form and by color of pill. Duration Cialis action and its Generics is 36 hours, after use of 1 pill.

Recommendation to Cialis use

" To identify more effective and safe dose for your organism, it is better to ask for help medical specialist. " Cialis can be used with normal amount of alcohol without changing the dosage " Correction of Cialis dose can be prescribed only in case of serious chronic diseases. Aged men without contradictions can use Cialis in common dosage without contradictions. " Cialis can be used independently from eating " Beginning of erectile dysfunction treatment, is needed to begin from average dose 20mg in day " Maximal day dose of Cialis is 40 mg in 24 hours " It is forbidden to use more than 1 Cialis pill. " Pills of Cialis are for oral use with little amount of liquid (predominantly water) Tadalafil doesn't provoke addiction and effect doesn't become weaker in case of continues pill use. That's why Cialis can be used for both temporary disorders of erection and continues treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction. According to results of clinical and laboratory researches, Cialis corresponds to all modern standards of pharmacological safety and taken well by men without provocation of side effects.

Where can be bought Cialis and generic Cialis?

Cialis is sold almost in all cities' pharmacies with prescription of doctor. However, to buy Generic Cialis, you need to search this drug for continues time, because the majority of traditional pharmacy networks don't sold analogs of drug. In our online pharmacy, you can buy Cialis and its Generic in any convenient time for you. Assortment of drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction of our pharmacy will amaze you. We work 24/7 and we are ready to sell Cialis online in any amount. You can buy Generic Cialis and to compare action of this drug with original brand. We try to create such conditions which will ease and make more convenience for easy buying drugs online and our next cooperation. About all interested questions, you can connect with our consultant who will show qualified help and explain how to buy Cialis and Generic Cialis online, and what the difference between two of them, and how to save money during the purchase of Cialis.

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