4 Star Hotels in Dehradun – High Class Accommodations for You

The capital city Dehradun immediately brings to mind a picture of glamour and aristocracy considering that it flaunts the famous Doon School, from which well known personalities like Sanjay Dutt etc have passed out as well as the Indian Military Academy where cadets undergo a full training course to pass out as Army Officers. Not to mention that we have the Forest Research Institute and The Welham School for Boys & Girls there too.
However located in the Doon Valley Region at the foothold of The Himalayas, Dehradun has a lot to offer in terms of heritage and tourism. It is a gateway to two of the most sought after places of piligrimage- Haridwar, where the Ganga flows down to the plains and is one of the four destinations of the Kumbh Mela and Rishikesh which can be called as the centre of World Yoga, a must for every spiritual aspirant. Other places are the Tapkeshwar Temple, Kalanga Monument, Tapovan, Malsi Deer Park, The Char Siddhis or group of four temples (Laxman Siddh, Kalu Siddh, Manak Siddh & Madu SIddh), RobberâEUR(TM)s Cave, Central, Braille Press, Sahastradhara or site of thousand springs, Santaura Devi Temple, Bhadraj Temple, Lachhiwala, Rajaji National Park, Kalinga War Memorial, Mindrolling Monaestry, Clock Tower, Ram Rai Darbar, Jwalaji Temple and Sai Darbar Temple etc.
Dehradun also has proximity to Mussorie, Nainital and Auli and it also flaunts the only full sized ice arena in India at Maharana Pratap Sports Complex, Raipur where Ice Skating Competitions and Ice Hockey Tournaments are held. Known as the Doon Ice Rink it has to its credit of hosting the prestigious IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia.
It attracts International and National Tourists alike and to cater to them has a range of hotels including 4 star and 5 star hotels. Some of the prominent 4 star hotels present there are given below:

    • The Solitaire at Haridwar Bye Pass Road and 6 km from the railway station, it offers all modern facilities including Spa, Swimming Pool and fitness centre.


    • At a distance of around 3 km from the Railway Station is Hotel Pacific with the Malsi Deer Park just 15 minutes away.


    • Naturoville Luxury Spa Resort which is a 20 minute drive from Rishikesh.


    • Hotel Madhuban which is ten minutes away from Dehradun Railway Station.


    • The Competent Palace at Chakrata Road close to the Industrial Area around 20Kms away from Dehradun Main City.


    • Hotel Softel Plaza at Sharanpur Road surrounded by a lush green environment.


    • Shaheen Bagh which in itself is a place to watch rare birds with scenic views.


Inderlok Hotel on the Dehradun- Mussorie Road with proximity to the religious places on one side and the Mussorie hills on the other side.
The Viceroy Inn Hotel on NH-72 Almost all these hotels give free wi- fi and have conference halls and lounges. These Hotels are also associated with number of tour operators and as a package in a tour would be value for money too.

The unhealthy relationship between American society, money and food: Money


part two of a three part series

One of the overarching myths in American society is that you cannot feed yourself or your family healthy food on a very tight budget. The belief is that if you are poor all you can afford is processed unhealthy food. This is simply not true. The myth is reinforced by the magic of advertising and societal groupthink which makes it very hard to see the truth underneath it all. It is time to break down the myth.

Here is a price break down of both myths and meals comparing “cheap” (nutritionally at least) meals with affordable healthy ones based on prices in Santa Cruz county, California. Money saving tips are included.

“It doesn’t matter where you shop.” Prices can vary by store in the same shopping center. The five minutes it may take you to stop at another store might end up saving you enough money to make it worth it. For example, CVS sells non rBST milk for close to a dollar less per gallon than Safeway. Many household supplies are cheaper there as well. Weigh the time it takes by the money you save.

“The more expensive the store/food, the better the food.” High end stores and outdoor markets do not necessarily mean higher quality or better tasting foods. Dollar store condiments often taste just as good as the name brand ones at high end stores for a fraction of the price. The same is true of their spices and many other staples. They often have name brand overstock products also. Also, generic products are almost always the same quality as name brand. The extra cost is due to advertising costs not quality. Discount does not necessarily mean bad for you or poorer quality.

“All I can afford is ramen.” A package of whole grain pasta on sale costs as much as a six pack of ramen and often has more servings depending on the brand.

“It takes too long to make healthy food.” Ramen cooks in a couple minutes. Pasta in about fifteen counting boiling time, but if you cook the whole container of pasta at once and store leftovers in the fridge to be reheated the cooking time of an entire container of whole wheat pasta ends up being almost the same as the equivalent amount of ramen. It takes awhile to cook a pork or beef roast or a whole chicken, but for most of that time the cook can do other things and in the end there are enough servings to last for days. Batch cooking saves time and makes for easy food preparation through the week.

Now for breakfast, a box of name brand sugary cereal costs just as much, if not more than whole grain, high fiber cereals, especially if you shop for products on sale (twelve servings for $1.99). Buying products on sale when you are not quite out is better than waiting till you are totally out and having to buy whatever is available. A gallon of cheap milk that is not rBST free is around $3.50 for sixteen servings. A gallon of non-rBST milk can be found for as low a $3.29 not on sale (cheaper if you have a Costco membership). Frozen orange juice is $1.67 for eight servings. Refrigerated juice is at least double that for anything that isn’t generic. Fresh juice and produce loses nutrients quickly. Frozen juice, veggies and fruits are picked when they are ripe and processed quickly so tend to retain more nutrients. A breakfast of cereal with milk and orange juice (1 carbohydrate serving, 1 dairy serving and 1 fruit serving) costs $0.75 for “cheap food” or $0.58 for healthier options with only about a minute more prep time to make the frozen juice.

For lunch many people choose fast food for both convenience and cost, however it takes time to get fast food and gas if you need to drive to get it. Throwing together a bag lunch can take less than ten minutes and will almost certainly be both better for you and cheaper.

A typical fast food lunch with a burger, fries and a soda costs between $5.00 and $8.00 and can easily have between 1,000 and 2,000 calories that come mainly from fat. A loaf of whole wheat bread on sale costs $1.99 and is generally at least eight servings. Roast a three pound pork roast or chicken ($7.50 or $4.00 for around nine servings). Add condiments for around $2.00 for over 20 servings each of mayo and mustard and some spinach (small bag on sale for $1.00 for 4 servings which is actually 8 if you are using it on a sandwich). Throw in an apple (a three pound bag of nine for $5.00) and some water, tea or the orange juice you already made for breakfast. Finally pack a container of baby carrots (four servings for $1.00 or even cheaper at Costco). A healthy lunch (1 carbohydrate serving, 1 protein serving, 1 ½ veggie serving, 1 fruit serving – 2 if you add juice) is $2.44 for pork or $2.02 for chicken (if you take juice) versus the fast food meal for $5-$8.

Finally dinner is often a frozen pizza for between $5 to $10 dollars for four servings and ice cream for $3.79 for four servings. For a healthier option, have some of the roast chicken or pork that was already cooked up, potatoes (10lb for $3.00 on sale, about 20 servings) and some frozen vegetables ($1.50 on sale for four servings). Add a salad from the bag of spinach and the carrots, one serving each, some salad dressing ($1.99 for sixteen servings) and some butter for the potato and veggies (32 servings for $2.50). Dessert could be pudding ($1 for a four serving box plus two cups of milk). This dinner (2 carbohydrate servings, 1 protein serving, 3 vegetable servings, ½ dairy and 2 fat servings) costs $2.71 for pork or $2.32 for chicken compared to the much less filling and much less healthy $2.83 for one serving of mid-range frozen pizza and ice cream.

If it is just as possible to eat healthy food on a tight budget as it is to eat “cheap” food then why do Americans believe it isn’t? Beyond the myths we have been taught to believe, it boils down to, as a nation, no longer knowing the difference between wants and needs. As anyone who uses spells should know, intention and action leads to manifestation. If someone knows they need a working car and all they do is look at the pictures of their dream red mustang the odds of them getting a working car are slim. However if they focus on getting a working car and take the steps necessary to do so, they will probably achieve their goal. They want the mustang, but they need the working car. People might want that bag of XXXtreme Chips, but they absolutely do not need them no matter what the media and addicting engineering say. American’s focus on the frosting over the wheat that needs to be grown to make the cake.

Everyone creates their own spell when it comes to food. People not only need to believe that healthy food can be purchased on a budget, but they need to make the choice to do so. That is the manifestation that needs to be focused on. Every time someone steps into a store they choose what will be purchased and what won’t be. It is a person’s choice that determines if that bag of shiny advertising matters more to them than their health and the several healthy meals that could be prepared for the same price. How often does the advertising win over good intentions? It is people’s choices that perpetuate the myths.

American society wants speed, convenience, and as little thought involved as possible. Take a look at any major supermarket chain. There are crustless pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Luncheables, and pre-made single serve salads with disposable flatware and single serve packs of salad dressing. None of them are as healthy as picking your ingredients and making them yourself and they cost more than making them yourself. All that is saved is about five to ten minutes of food prep. Isn’t your health and your budget worth just a bit of your time?

Predictions for 2014 Mobile Web Trends

I’ve been thinking about this year and what it is going to bring as far as mobile marketing and client interaction. Many say that 2013 was the year of content and mobile. 2014 will most likely be the year of context, where the user has access to the content physically in front of them wherever and whenever they want it. There will not only be expanded searching capabilities, but push messaging and third-party integrations.

I came across a great infographic from Netbiscuits regarding their mobile web predictions for 2014. They made the same prediction: smartphone adoption continues its upward path, while providing even more geolocation services and connected devices to communicate with.

We can expect to see greater demand for highly customized experiences that prioritize exact user context. As one of the biggest challenges facing brands in 2014, this one movement itself will fundamentally shake-up how organizations need to interact with their customers. Brands no longer belong just to a company. They co-habit with the people who choose to interact with it, and by the end of 2014, this will need to resonate more so than ever before.
Here is a summary of Netbiscuits predictions for 2014 and some useful marketing tips:

1) Emerging Markets Grow and Expectations Shift

Smartphones are increasingly available in emerging markets. This will increase the number of people who have access to content and therefore marketing. In 2013, countries such as India saw a 13% growth in the number of smartphones, Russia saw 36% and China experienced a 47% increase. In 2014, the size of the screen will NOT be a factor in determining which experience to deliver to a customer.

TIP: When marketing online, be sure your website is always up and running. Emerging markets can experience lower performance levels so you want to be sure your site is accessibly on any device.

2) Contextual Awareness/Responsive Web Design

In 2014, people will start to own more and more devices and potential customers will get their first impression of your brand from a number of different sizes of screens. The average number of devices in a U.S. household in 2013 was 5.7. 2014 is predicted to see an average of more than 6 devices. Designing a website will change this year. You will have to take into consideration how distance from the screen affects legibility and what input methods should be supported. Responsive Web Design was big in 2013, and will continue to be. But 2014 will be the year of Responsive Design with Server Side Components (RESS).

3) Mobile will Run Customer’s Daily Lives

In 2012, 66% of people surveyed said that have a fear of not being connected to their smart devices. 74% of people in 2014 are predicted to be afraid of not being connected. People crave being connected. Losing battery power, a signal or the actual phone is something users do not want to have to face. The introduction of smart watches solves this problem. They won’t ever have to be without a smart device. The value of the smart watch market is expected to jump to $9.2 billion over the next 4 years.

TIP: Your web strategy must be future-proof. Consider when and how location-based services can impact customer’s interaction with your brand. Will RWD alone be enough to support your mobile marketing strategy?

4) Customer’s Mobile Expectations

Consumers will expect their sessions on their smart devices to be consistent. If they are not, the user will punish you by switching to another company that is. According to Netbiscuit’s infographic, 80% of C-level US executives believe that multi-screen is vital to their marketing strategy.

TIP: Avoid this by considering where the weak points are in your cross-screen devices. In 2014, it will be of the upmost importance to understand the technology that is available to your customer base.

5) Give Customers an Experience That is Customized

The key to a successful online marketing strategy in 2014 will be to identify the correct component to customize analytics. Your customers want an experience on their devices that matches their lifestyle and contextual environment. 82% say big data will change the function of marketing in 2014 and 41.3% place high importance on analyzing how consumers behave online.

TIP: You must fully comprehend the speed of emerging trends and how they impact your customers. Using analytics will be crucial in the coming year.

Educational adds show no mercy

Are you a parent? If so, please answer these three questions before reading the rest of this article. Do you tell think your child is the best thing ever? Of course you do. Do you tell him or her that all the time? Probably. Is that a great idea? Probably not. Sometimes it seems that helicopter parents won’t stop overprotecting their children – helping turn them into entitled adults with no concept of the real world or how to survive in (and even contribute to) it. Well, Mercy Academy – an all-girl Catholic school in Louisville, Kentucky – is taking matters into its own hands, with an ad campaign designed to be a slap in the face to young ladies and their parents. Not an abusive slap in the face, though…more of a Cher in Moonlighting gesture designed to make people “Snap out of it!” The basic message: you’re not a princess. Life’s not a fairy tale. No prince is going to rescue you. It’s up to you to take control of your life via a great education (available presumably at Mercy Academy), so that you can go on and do the great things you believe should be in your future. This campaign is making waves well beyond the Mercy Academy recruiting area. Why? It’s a message that is hitting home with society in general. A society sick of coddling…and ready for reality messaging to change our current course. It’s a message that is a bit shocking coming from a Catholic school, giving it instant legs by those who want to share socially the latest breakthroughs. It’s a message that Mercy Academy has given an ability to share easily by creating the hashtag #morethanaprincess. More than a princess. Once you get past the initial brutal blow of being told you or your child is not a princess, you can dig deeper into the campaign and realize this is not an insult-driven concept. It’s about empowerment. And just like that, the ad clinches the deal…likely converting their newly increased awareness into higher enrollment.

Checklist for Travelers to Canada

One way to get to know a person is to travel with him or her. People’s true personality tends to emerge when they are dealing with stress. They also reveal their maturity, sense of responsibility, and other positive qualities’ or lack there of when faced with situations with which they are not familiar. However, that does not necessarily mean that you should seek out stressful travel situations in order to discover your travel companion’s true personality. It therefore pays to anticipate difficulties when traveling with others and to be ready for them.

If you are traveling to Canada, the first priority is to be sure to carry your travel documents. If you are from the United States, you need to have a valid passport, permanent residence card or nexus card (US citizens and permanent residents are allowed to enter Canada without a visa). If you come from a country that is not included on Canada’s visa-exempt list, then you should have your travel documents and visas ready. Border officers and airport customs will check these documents before they grant you entry into the country or even allow you to board an airplane flying to Canada.

Those who are traveling on temporary resident visas should also bring their visitors to Canada insurance documents in case border officers ask to see it. To be safe, you should also bring photocopies of all of your travel and identification documents.

Of course, a traveler’s checklist should include appropriate clothing. The type of clothes you need to bring to Canada will depend upon the time of year that you will be there, and the place where you will be staying.

If you are in Canada for the summer, you can bring your usual summer clothes: t-shirts, shorts, jeans, and other light clothing. You should also bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats for UV protection. Summers in Canada can get very hot, just as it can get very cold during the winter. If your visit occurs during this season, do not forget to bring your warmest jackets, boots, and long underwear. You should also bring wind breakers, gloves, scarves, mufflers, and hats. The cold winds can get very strong during winter, especially if you are headed to the prairies – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northern Alberta. Actually, anywhere in the North will be cold.

Canada has plenty of outdoor adventure attractions, so there is a chance that you will go hiking or exploring the outdoors. You should definitely bring a pair of sturdy hiking boots, or at least walking shoes. Even if you do not plan to go hiking or trekking, walking through snowy streets still requires a pair of boots. Be sure not to forget warm socks as well!

There are also cities in Canada, in northern Ontario, Quebec and the Acadian regions of the Maritimes, where Canadian French is widely spoken. The people of Quebec, for instance, often prefer not to speak English even if they can understand it. So do not forget to bring a French phrasebook with you.

Finally, you should have a widely-accepted credit card in your wallet at all times. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in most stores, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

Healthy woman sues after company uses her face for ad about HIV

A model did not expect her photos to end up going to a cause that she had no part of.

Avril Nolan thought the shots of her posing in front of a graffiti-covered building would be just for a magazine editorial.

According to the New York Post on Saturday, the 25-year-old found out through Facebook that her image was being used in a campaign from the New York Division of Human Rights to promote rights for people infected with HIV.

The words “I am positive (+)” and “I have rights” appeared next to the woman’s photo where she is wearing a black vest and a red flower in her hair.

Nolan does not have the virus.

She is bringing the $450,000 lawsuit against Getty Images after the photographer, Jena Cumbo, released the photo without Nolan’s written consent. A legal claim is also being made against the Division of Human Rights that sponsored the advertisement.

Cumbo claims that Getty did not go through her for the rights to the photos and that she apologizes for the way Nolan was portrayed.

“I never intended for her picture to be used in this way,” she said.

The woman claims the image left her “feeling humiliated and embarrassed” since she had to tell her job at a public relations firm about the ad. The ad appeared in newspapers that her PR clients would use for their campaigns.

Getty has not commented on the issue.

Buzzfeed was recently sued in June by photographer Kai Eiselein whose photos were used without permission from his Flickr account, according to PetaPixel.

A photo of a female soccer player using her head to punt a soccer ball was used in the website’s “The 30 Funniest Header Faces”.

Eiselin sued for $3.6 million due to the photo becoming so popular that it was stolen by several other websites.

The website took down the photo after Eiselein’s complaint.

Parking purgatory in the paradise of parades, Mardi Gras 2014

Parking is never easy in the Big Easy but during the Mardi Gras season it becomes nearly impossible and this years Mardi Gras was, perhaps, the worst in New Orleans history of Mardi Gras celebrations. Due to the rain on Lundi Gras, March 4, 2014, it wasn’t as difficult to park but March 3rd, Lundi Gras, saw the city packed.

Along with the huge surge in the parking requirements due to the tourists coming for the parades there is a corresponding surge in the price. Event parking a few blocks away from the parades jumped to $50 for your stay and they were parking them anywhere they could pile them in.

Some celebrants chose to get around the high prices by parking illegally. Unfortunately for them, New Orleans has an amazing fleet of cutting edge tow trucks. They can swoop in, back up to a vehicle, latch onto it, and have it out and on its way to the impound lot in less than 60 seconds.

One celebrant was heard to say, “I know I was parked illegally but I was in so tight between the cars in front and back of me there was no way they could tow it.” What left the pernicious parallel parker perplexed is that New Orleans has high tech tow trucks that can slide under a vehicle from the side, lift it out of the tight spot, and speed off to the impound.

How do they handle such an influx of impounded vehicles? They store them under the interstate highway that rides overhead through New Orleans. Normally the impound takes up the length of two city blocks but on Lundi Gras they used eight city block lengths of the underpass.

What can you do to park cheaper during Mardi Gras in New Orleans?

1) Go early by two or three hours and park in a location that will give you ten hours for a flat rate. If you park in a location that is going to be less than your stay, don’t expect the parking authorities to be nice. You can expect it to be towed or booted.

2) Take cash. Even on the evening of Lundi Gras there were a few places that still had spots at $20 for the evening but they were not the regular parking areas and only took cash.

3) There is free parking under the Interstate but don’t park where they are impounding vehicles. It is a bit of a walk to the parade route and it is a bit spooky so better to travel in a group or pay for your parking. On the other hand, if you park illegally you will find your car under the interstate anyhow, and it won’t be free parking.

Should You Use an Ad Server on Your Website?

A recent article in the Huffington Post stating that more and more recent college graduates are forgoing the traditional “brick-and-mortar” employment positions, opting instead to head immediately into freelancing. As both new and experienced webmasters, bloggers, and commercial online publishers begin to depend on the profitability of their online properties as their main source of income, selecting the most efficient ad server is a very critical decision and can often be very confusing.

Evaluate your Advertising Needs
An important first step before selecting your ad server provider will be to first determine your specific and unique short-term and long-term advertising goals. Every website is different. Every website has a different targeted demographic. Switching between providers in the future can be a challenging and time consuming process. Therefore, it is important to sit down and take the extra time to determine the precise features, preferences, requirements that you will need in order to properly and efficiently manage and display your ads on your web pages. Consider your own individual strengths and weaknesses, including your growth projections for the business, your own level of technical expertise, and of course your financial budget.

Advertising Management
Each type of ad serving network will operate differently. Some are very intuitive and simple while others can be very technically challenging. Depending on your level of experience, you will want to choose the best option that is user-friendly and will provide you with the abilities to operate quickly. Although speed and efficiency is a primary concern, you also want to look for an ad server that supports multiple different types of formats, ad types, and templates while providing you with already built-in management capabilities. One thing about the Internet is that online market is always changing. For example, the rise of video marketing has increased significantly in recent years. Plan ahead and choose the system that is going to offer the most versatility in the long haul.

Keep the Advertisers and Readers in Mind
The companies that will be advertising on your webpages will want their ads to reach the right people at just the right time. Therefore, you not only need to take into account your own individual preferences but also those of your future advertisers and visitors to your site. Readers will want to read relevant ads, and advertisers want their ads to be read. It is a two-way street. You need to make both parties happy. Consider if your ad serving solution provides you with the ability to serve ads from third-party ad networks. Is there a limit to the number or types of third-party ads? Are there any delays involved with these types of ads?

Free vs. Paid
Cost is always a valid consideration, especially for the novice online entrepreneur. Be aware of some of the pitfalls of using a free ad server rather than an affordable paid alternative. In the long term, the free varieties may not prove to be the best option. Very often, these free solutions do not provide customer service or technical support. Instead, you are offered user-participation forums where you can post questions and get advice. However, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the guidance that you receive is actually accurate. The free ad serving networks will typically come with far fewer features, as well.

Logo Online Pros UK – Two Things Set Emblem Style Professionals Except Others

A quality emblem coming up with team are going to be able to portray the clear image of your business while not exploitation a budget ways of clip arts or outsourcing.
Since an emblem is an important a part of a company’s image it’s become vital to rent an expert to style your emblem. An expert can give you high normal work. Each company desires to keep up a robust portfolio that is why they’ll offer their best to make your emblem because it goes to be enclosed in their portfolio. An expert has plenty of expertise that Associate in nursing amateur does not have. Through their expertise they’ll do the task a lot of expeditiously and might cause you to a glad client.
Developing a novel identity in your consumers’ mind is important for business growth. You’ll grasp that your company has reached its heights once individuals can mechanically relate your firm with the services you give.
Two things set emblem style Professionals except others: coaching and knowledge. These 2 things create the massive distinction.
Logo style Professionals square measure closely aware of the client mind. They grasp what colors to be used on totally different form of businesses.
Logo designers’ acumen to control versatile tools and equipments to provide you outstanding results which might give your company expertise, reliableness and stability.
The best issue is that those professionals currently do not charge a lot of.
It is terribly necessary to place each effort into creating your company’s emblem unforgettable.
A professional emblem designer is aware of a way to attract target market. Relying upon the message the corporate desires to convey to its target market a designer will attract its demographics by coming up with the emblem in step with the message.
A emblem created by an expert will cause you to look totally different in your trade and can cause you to unforgettable. It’s usually terribly straightforward to recollect pictures than words for a viewer; thus visually enticing logos square measure essential for recognition.
However Associate in nursing amateur can weaken your whole. It’s going to style an emblem that’s similar to another whole. Solely skilled designers will perceive the importance of disapproval.
Badly designed logos unfavorably have an effect on the credibility of your company.
Since logos play such a main role in your company’s presentation, it’s steered that you just rent a notable, full-fledged and estimable emblem designer that may complete all of those necessities. Professionals can cause you to recognizable and respectable higher than the remainder by creating a top quality emblem for your business.

Feast your eyes on McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, Florida

McKee Botanical Garden is a must-stop for those traveling in proximity of Vero Beach, Florida. It’s a wonderful day trip and only requires 1 or 2 hours to walk through (more if you want to spend the extra time gazing at flowers, plants, trees, lizards, insects or small animals). Check out the slide show for some beautiful shots of the gardens!
The beaches are very close too, so hitting the botanical gardens before or after a day at the beach is a perfect-day option. The property is historic in Florida; the gardens were first opened in the 1920’s and later closed in the 1970’s due to lack of funding. Although only 18 of the original 80 acres remain (the majority were sold off and developed after the 1976 closure), thanks to a campaign by the Indian River Land Trust in the 1990’s, the Gardens were restored and re-opened to the public in 2001.
Don’t miss the color and beauty of McKee Botanical Garden! The reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp are an honest testimony to this Vero Beach attraction.